European Political Spectrum

Science and politics are the over-arching themes of the blog, however I will use the news media and internet sources to guide the subject matter in detail. I have no particular axes to grind and I am not affiliated to any political party. I am a member of the British Humanist Association which serves to inform my ethical approach to the blog and its content. I will be honest and strive for fairness in any analysis as I see it, which will of course fuel debate and interest from all points of the political spectrum. Email me directly or leave comments, I am happy with both and delighted to receive offers of correction. Please be civil to one another, even when seething with pent-up fury because Joe from Blogsville has threatened to hunt you down and make a tasty soup from your pet tortoise.

International Relations and conflict are of particular interest to me, from American foreign policy to an ever-growing European Union. Globalisation with its winners and losers will also come under some close attention. Similarly when science and politics cross paths I hope to find connections a little less trammelled. However at least once or twice a week a science story or piece of research just knocks my socks off with unbridled wonder and curiosity. This can mean tangential leaps which may if all goes to plan, keep you interested, engaged and itching to join the fray.


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